About Bramhaa:

Mahesh Pagar: On a Childhood Dream Quest, 3D Character Animator, IT Engineer, Indie Game Developer ,Loves to draw, paint, design, model and rig characters … ^_^

Kiran Pagar : Mechanical Engineer


Amol Wagh : Civil Engineer, Loves Animation, Author & Blogger | I write about Information Technology, Game Marketing & Gaming. My book-


Well , First thing which can make you amazed that we are from three different fields of engineering , which makes our team best.

Animation is our passion and we discovered it many years ago. At the time we struggled for proper guidance but can’t find one. So we decided to learn on our own. we developed our own strategies by following greatest animators in the history and their books helped us lot more for doing it.

We are still in the process of learning but we think our collection of books, knowledge and experience can help many aspirants of animation. And this is one of the major reason that this blog exists.

Hope you will like working and studying with us.