Before introducing resources , we just want to consider more important thing. As a Animation Student , we must know what is the target , we are setting for ourselves. We believe we must know our final outcome , then big enough reasons, and then we will formulate how we going to make that happen and what are the Resources!

We  have to make sure for what we are preparing , here is the entrance for OUR FIELD of DREAMS.

PIXAR STUDIpixar_bwO :

Here you can submit your demo reel (Yeah , its that easy)follow the directions ,

Before submitting your work , here is some knowledge that will help:

I read in a book (Animation from Pencil to Pixels) of  Tony White that Brian Tindall a long term character technical director at PIXAR,when he was initially recruited , he had made short piece of 3D work in his demo reel, that none of PIXAR technicians  could figure out how did it ! And they wanted to meet him.

“ The important point was Brian had something that unique in his showreel that separated him from rest of the applicants, something that left a lasting impression in the studio reviewers’ mind” – Sir Tony White

here is the link :


Here some festivals don’t take any submission charges and some take small submission charges, doesn’t matter it’s the ENTRANCE for THE FIELD OF DREAMS!!!




SUNDANCE:Fullscreen capture 7192009 35201 PM.bmp



ZAGREB Animafest:

Fullscreen capture 7192009 35234 PM.bmp

Film Festival World :logo_ffw

This is the great website where you can find information about worldwide Festivals, definitely go through it.

Hey,  when you will go through all the above web sites, and see their previous winners you will able to set THE STANDARD for your work. You will realize at what part you have to take so much effort.

Unconsciously you will able to get more and more from yourself. And that’s what happens when you know the TARGET!

Now you will ask the most important question , why you want All this ? (our mentor tells us that first figure out WHY and we will see HOW, always come up with big enough with WHYs’)

We are leaving it to you !

Now next for “How” ?

besides Your Talent and  Skill what RESOURCES you will need , I am listing some important one’s that we know(if you know more please contribute)

Animation Meat :


Best website resource I have ever seen for animation students. It include notes, lectures  from Great Disney Nine Old Men, Sir Walt Stanchfield ,Sir John Lasseter, Brad Bird.

It has animation news section , where we get the current important news from Worlds Animation Industry.

And much more great stuff.

Animation Magazine :

Fullscreen capture 7192009 40827 PM.bmpAnimation Magazine is the huge resource of knowledge. The website has news sections , the industry professional lectures, tips, guidance is the best part. The new upcoming movies , interviews of animators, sfx people, directors , all the best guys.

Instead writing about it , check out the web

AWN (Animation World Network):

Fullscreen capture 7192009 40346 PM.bmp

This is also the great website, the most important part is HERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEIR MAGAZINE FOR FREE.

Which is best! The website also has news , interviews, lectures and more.

Check out the web

Animation Podcast(the voices of animation)

This is awesome website which entails audio interviews by Great Animators  , like Milt Cahl, Eric Goldberg and many, the best thing is you can download that easily .Clay Kaytis have created this web.

Clay Kaytis animates at Walt Disney Animation Studios in sunny Burbank, California. This podcast has grown out of his love for animation and the great people who make it.

Just visit once , and you will get addicted to this Podcast

CG Arena:


When we were starting out , this is the website which inspired us please visit this. Here you can submit your work too. Also the best part is YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEIR MAGAZINE FOR FREE.

When you will see the stuff inside believe me , you will definitely get astonished by the contribution of work , talent and skill by wide range of best animators, modelers …..

Animation Mentor:

Fullscreen capture 7192009 40350 PM.bmp

It is the  online college for animation. The website provides news, interviews and much more. Check out their resources , they are the best.

Also you can download here “tips and tricks book part 1 and part 2” by Shawn (animator)(Worked in TRANSFORMERS) for FREE.

CG Tantra:

Fullscreen capture 7192009 40355 PM.bmpIt’s the community where you will get huge guidance and knowledge , its Forum too , so you will meet creative minds like you.

It is also the best website in which you get current updates about seminars, workshops and much more .

Visit here

CG Channel:

Fullscreen capture 11262009 100342 AM.bmpBest website for latest CG news. Daily updates and lots of video on “makings” of movies, games, ads etc. And it has one of the most Inspiring gallery.

Fullscreen capture 11262009 95656 AM.bmpAs the name says -this is the  largest society in the CG world. You can upload your images here and get feedback from artists around the world.

If u ever run out of inspiration just check out the gallery.

And don’t forget to add “Bramhaa” in your resources.

If you know more resources please share with us …

Finally if you are DIE HARD FAN of  PIXAR like us and want to be with people who are as crazy as you or more , and want to know what is happening in PIXAR ….

Join this

Totally unofficial site

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Great teachers for Animation Craft :

(You might wanna find out their books , papers, notes, interviews)

1.Walt Disney

2.Ollie Johnston

3.John Thomas

4.Milt Cahl

5.Walt Stainchfield

6.Richard Williams

7.Tony White

8.Chris Webster

9.John Lasseter

10.Brad Bird

11.Edd Hooks

12.Leslie Bishko

13.Jean Ann Wright

14. Christopher Hart

15. Preston Blair

16. Shawn kelly

17. James Baxter

18. Glenn Kean

19. Ken Duncan

20. Francis Glebas

21. Wayne Gilbert