This creations page is collection of some of our works on film-making & animation. We are always learning just like you guys & These are some things we have done as a practice of our animation, game development & Filmmaking career. Here You’ll find some documentaries, soud mixing work, basic drawings, and flash animation work donw by three of us:  Mahesh, Kiran & Amol

If you would like to contribute your work,  which you think can inspire other animation students out there then please email us at or

Orc Defense 3D – Android Game

This was a recent learning project we did, as a part of our personal development in 2014. We tried our hands on Unity game development engine for both Animations as well as programming. Considering our technical background, it was not hard to code this little infinite flyer game as our first attempt at the game development thing.

From the very beginning, our fascination for games was enormous, and the feeling was ‘unbelievable’when we reached a point where we can do animation and programming together. We do regret a bit of delay in trying our hand at Unity, but as they say it – Better late than never!

A basic storyline from our game – Orc Defense 3D, You can read the rest with following links.

Orc is trapped inside the enchanted Fortress of Doom. He has to survive until the ‘Shadow Bat Alliance’ and ‘Goblins’ win over the ‘Demons of Enchantress.


Available for Download For Android & Windows Phone

Adhantar -The Marathi Picture Documentary

Anjaneri – The Birth Place of Loard Hanuman