Our subconscious knows more about ourselves than anything else in the universe, it’s familiar with the inner self, our inner world, thoughts, recurring patterns and clusters of emotions. The reason humans have been obsessed with art is because it’s our chance at understanding the subconscious.

The relationship of the creation with it’s creator can be ethereal and sometimes it transcends the bounds of the canvas itself. What you create might be part of yourself that now belongs to everyone’s subconscious. Slowly breaking the barriers between the object and the observer. The process of becoming one or perhaps scattering into multitudes, one more time.

Painting By Artist Aja Kusick

I always ask myself this question again and again. And every time I ask it, I have different answer.

Do we see more when we are in love with something or do we see less when we are in love something?

When we are in love with life, when we are in love with an idea, when we are in love with our creation, when we are in love with past, when we are in love with present, when we are in love with future, when we are in love with work, when we are in love with perception, when are in love with the unknown, when we are in love with answers…. when we are in love anything…

In this spiral of love and my pursuit of the answer; I keep going forward and backward. I don’t want the absolute answer, I want this answer to change again and again.

And that’s when I realize the paradox, that I am in love with the question more than the answers.

There’s a Vedic philosophical thought, we have to become one with what we want to understand; because essentially we are one.

When the baby is born, it starts crying and asks “Kohum, Kohum” (कोहम कोहम )

“Who am I??… Who am I??”

The nature smiles and replies, “Sohum..” (सोहम )

“Whatever I am, You are”

The process of becoming part of the universe itself is where the arts come into existence. We consistently try to understand ourselves, the human emotions and world around us. Hoping that together we can understand more about everyone’s inner world and external world that affects us in mysterious ways.

And that’s how art becomes the eternal exploration of the self.

Mahesh Pagar


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