Animation Weekly

Animation related things you might have missed in past week

Diwali Holidays and other stuff , made it hard to compile the 3rd Animation Weekly.
Anyway , We have got another cool rig, great how to series for Blender, few great tips , free art book and some useful tools for animators.


1. Another banger Spiderverse rig from Sahil of SPOT.

2. Great Study Resource for Quadrupeds locomotion. When it comes to Quads, Brendan’s work is the best there is.

3. Precious Twitter thread and a free Rig by mentor and animator Lucas Ridley.

Top 10 Animation Assignments For beginners

4. Here’s a great opportunity to read the Spider-man Across The Spiderverse Screenplay. It’s as thrilling as the cinema itself.

‘Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’: Read The Screenplay That Proves 280 Spideys Can’t Be Wrong

5. This is one of the most creative character summon I have seen. Immensely satisfying and appealing choices are made the animator KikoCI

6. Extracting and Studying from GIfs is usually pain. But here’s a handy tool to look gifs frame by frame called GIF Enjoyer by @PharanBrush

7. Here’s a useful thread by @Paulygonn to learn Blender effectively if you don’t want start from famous Blender Donut Tutorial

8. A free Art-of book that has artworks from Films that didn’t get made. Compiled and Shared by Ziggy . It’s a tragic and beautiful project. Almost makes you teary eyed.

9. Another hauntingly beautiful project , animator José has animated all the ghost Pokemons. The dedication and work both are inspiring and admirable.

Take a look.

10. Toon Boon’s interview with Creative Director Sarah Harper about how the magnificent hit show The Lego Monkie Kid was assembled.

Flying Bark Productions on assembling LEGO Monkie Kid’s animated series

11. Gorgeous Animated Illustration by Kan Liu 

12. Rhythmic pixel art attack combo with creative choices and great use of 3 Speeds[Fast Mediums and Slow] . Animated by animator Mariru. [@Miyama_Mariru] always puts up inspiring work.


13. The glorious and beautifully lit fan made traversal sequence of Leo from TMNT by animator Lucio 

14. Excellent fan made Tom And Jerry Animation Sequence by South Korean, character animator Jihwan Kim.

He has done unbelievable job of capturing the essence of classic Tom and Jerry shorts in 3D.

Shot Breakdown


That’s All Folks

Here’s the link to Animation Weekly 2  and here’s link to the latest Keys and Breakdowns : Tom and Jerry Shot


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