Hey we just finished , why there is Need of Research for our Career in Animation, and I said we are going to learn some new Tools , before that I want to discuss one most important concept , I learned from my Coach Tony Robbins and you can read about Identity , in his incredible book Awaken the Giant Within.


I just want  this concept to be part of  this Career in Animation , because I think its crucial as you will be able to learn and use  new things , new skills and produce amazing results with fast speed.

So what’s identity ?

Its what we think of  ourselves . How we define ourselves.

We define ourselves by our roles , skills , behaviors.

Identity is belief about self , that means it may be not true for others but it’s true for us.


I am Animation Student

I am Good son

I am amazing at drawing.

I am not good at drawing

I cant draw.

I’m good storyteller

I’m fun.

You might ask, what it has to do with Career in Animation?

All the things we do or had done , they are consistent to our identity , we have so many beliefs about what we are and we practically we live it .

See if someone has Identity that

I’m not good at drawing. No matter how hard he try to change his behavior , practicing drawing .


Getting good at drawing is going to be struggle. Because unconsciously he is fighting with who he is and what he is suppose to do.

With Identity , we adopt RULES , what we must , must not , should, should not do.

If we have the GOALS that are beyond our Identity , we will never able to achieve those.

Haven’t it has been in past that you try to take consistent efforts to learn something or do something but somewhere in the middle you failed to, even though you knew that it was important.

If you don’t change your identity , there may be possibility that you will know how to improve some skills , you even create a way to make that happen, and you will be suppose to animate daily for 8-9 hours and you will do that for few days then it will not be consistent.

Do we have always limiting identities ?

No we have incredible identities.

Like I’m passionate Animation Student

I’m fast learner

If  I can see it , i can draw it .

If  I can see how something moves , I can animate it.

I’m awesome storyteller.

Back in engineering I had this friend with whom I used to discuss about animation , animators, movies , motion, drawings  a lot . We knew this thing about identity too.

One day he told me that , ” When I see other people who are interested in animation , I know , I’m definitely more passionate about animation than they are but when I look at you  , I think , I’m not  that much passionate as you are !!”

And  I know , that there are like millions times more passionate guys than me , may be you might be one of most passionate animation student reading my article than anyone I have ever met.

So point is , he had this limiting identity , right ?

He is really the guy , who definitely has potential of being  outstanding animation student , he loves physics , he loves to see how motion unfolds in any moving thing, he has this amazing understanding of physics , he uses it practically , he loves animated movies more than anything in the world , he has patience , he loves to watch and learn how different animals live and move , discovery and animal planet- he is huge fan , he even animated some things , he was even reading about animation ..

But finally  he didn’t start his career in  animation.

You will say , he had his reasons not because of  limiting identity.

It is because of identity, he could have many reasons but if you are really passionate about something , you do whatever it takes, I mean whatever it takes no matter what!(not physically hurting anybody)




So how to adopt new identity that will help immensely for our goals

When I talk adopt new identity , people go like , “you mean , pretending to be someone else , i can’t do that , I’m what I’m, I be myself”

It’s not pretending to be someone else.


Whatever we have done until now , is awesome , it’s incredible , there’s nothing wrong  with it. But  in order to be at new level , we will have to adopt new things.


We have to bridge the gap that where we are now and where we want to be

It’s like upgrading the software version consciously.


“I’m just this way” is a phrase that murders dreams. It carries with it the sentence of unchangeable and permanent problem. – Tony Robbins



In this series of Career in Animation , I’m going to discuss so many new practical things and  I want you to use them all . And so as in your entire career in animation , you will have to adopt so many things and we just have this limited identity of  never changing all life . Its going be a struggle.

If you have your dream , ultimate vision ..

Imagine you can travel in future , you go there , you see “Future You ” , he must be different than what you are now ,  some skills he have developed, his beliefs

You have to adopt that “FUTURE YOU’s” , Identity.

That’s why I always loved the phrase,” I’m the ONE , I was waiting from many years”

We have unlimited identity.

How to adopt identity?

If you are listening to Master James Baxter , and he says , ” If  I can see how something moves , I have pretty good idea how to animate it ”

And you thought it’s awesome , It would have been cool , if  i could do that .


Lets adopt the identity that, ” If  I can see how something moves , I have pretty good idea how to animate it ”

Ask this question ,in order to be like person who when see something moves , get’s pretty good idea of animating ,What will I must have to do CONSISTENTLY?

What questions I must be asking? and so on you can create web of questions ,  And practically do those things consistently.

And Identity will be yours. (you will learn Question Tool and you will be able to use that here amazingly)

Final example ,

Drawing skill is not always born skill, first of all its  all about Identity . If you think you cant , you won’t!

As long as , you have this identity , ” I can’t draw”

It will be huge struggle, even sometimes you will try learn hard but you will get frustrate.

Adopt this Identity , I’m capable of  adopting any skill with lightening like speed.

If you are trying to draw, and you are struggling . Please first overcome that emotional barrier.

Same way sometimes , we have these beliefs like I’m not the guy who can take notes, I can’t read books , I just can’t.

The reason probably is you tried all those things and they didn’t work as they should have, They didn’t produce any result , may be the ways of doing those were not appropriate but you thought , It’s you, who can’t take notes or using the books to produce results .and you created the Identity.

I will tell you many things that you will be able to use practically.  There’s no skill in the world that we can’t master it , we just need to know the THINKING PROCESS and CERTAIN ELEMENTS of  how to do it

If you want to  learn even more about identity , how its formed , to change it precisely and what is the potential Identity has, you must read Awaken the Giant within , it has Identity Chapter. It’s incredible thing , once you understand it the whole you will change. Like  Peter Parker – Spider man.

I tried my best to tell about , identity in one article. Its hard to get it covered in just one article.

Anyway so from now on be like Computer Software , you see anything new Install that add on in you and use it .

In this video Tony Talks about the Identity


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