Cuphead : Beyond The Stunning Nostalgic Animation


I remember watching E3 2015 trailer of Cuphead, it left me speechless seeing the vision the game Cuphead was aiming for. The stunning animation world that reminded of 1930’s classical animation. The amount of squash and stretch was unbelievable. I was completely sold, even if the game was going to have only boss battles. There was something about Cuphead and it wasn’t just nostalgia. I wanted the game to exist, didn’t matter when it was going to happen. But it needed to exist. Almost for 2 years there hadn’t been much update about the game. But finally Cuphead has been launched!! It’s gameplay and level designs look phenomenal. The game seems to keep the player on the edge. It’s hard to put in words, how happy I am seeing this 8 minute gameplay, I am sure you’re going to love it too.

If you want to know more about Cuphead, you really need to read this inspirational journey of the makers and how they achieved the final results.


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