2017 is on the uprising horizon, I owe you guys to share something super inspiring for your animation journey. So here’s a freaking amazingly created Fan Film that envisions Hulk vs Hulkbuster fighting sequence in a new context : Iron Man Gamma Protocol

The fighting sequence is brilliantly done. I want you to notice how cleverly the weight and force is handled in this short. When two giant things collide showing the difference in weight and movement becomes difficult. It’s not just breaking of things that conveys impact. I urge you to notice how the quick anticipations have enhanced the fight impact overall. There are even subtle In Air Anticipations when hulk’s attacking.

The quality of visuals is unbelievable. The compositions and dynamic camera movement is masterfully implemented to amplify the intensity of the situation.

I hope this mindblowing fan made animated short fires up your animation boosters and helps you own the 2017 like super animation ninja that you are!!!

This article was originally written for Kenny Roy blog

Mahesh Pagar


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