This is easily the best thing that 2019 is going to offer for animation students. Kick-start your dream of becoming a professional animator with this animation treasure! The best part is it’s FREE!!!

Professional Animator Kenny Roy (who once also was one of the mentors for the Animation Mentor Online School) had created online subscription service where he uploaded tons and tons of animation lectures monthly for many years, now he has made all those lectures available on YouTube for FREE!!!

Kenny is definitely one of the best mentors you can have. His constant insistence on strengthening the animation workflow and his concepts like Tempo have helped me a lot over the years.

There’s some absolutely killer stuff in those lectures, some really good and practical reel advise. Basically if you feel like your animation skills are not improving , you’re stuck in some bizarre phase where your work lacks professional touch, or just doesn’t have that feel that you see in other animator’s works that leave you in awe, I promise that these 100+ hrs of content is going to push your skills to the next level!! They are going to help you introduced the weight that’s missing in your animation and that extra flair that we constantly aim for.

You can head over here to watch all those lectures : Kenny Roy Free Video Animation Lectures

And Don’t forget to say thanks to Kenny!!!



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