Acting For Animators Ed Hooks Video Lecture


Animator Island has been producing these amazing video podcasts on their channel using the video interviews they took at FMX 2012.

These episodes contain tons of valuable information for animation students, Animators and animation enthusists.

In this episode, the great Animators acting teacher talks about acting for Animators.

If you haven’t bought his book Acting For Animators, you must buy that right away.

As its only book specifically for Animators.

This Acting for Animators Video is Part 1 out of the 2 parts.

Second part you can watch the same channel of Animator Island.

Also don’t forget visit

It’s the best web site for character animation students, which is really active and keeps posting valuable stuff for Animators consistently.

Don’t forget like this video of Acting for Animators on their channel.

Ed Hooks is THE acting teacher for animators. His master class is an enlightment and a lot of fun.

If you want to know how to make your characters act more believable and about tools like power centers, theatrical reality, empathy, reason for action -search no more…

watch this interview, buy his book and/or attend his master class!

Also visit his website and get his super-informative newsletter

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