Animation related things you might have missed in past week

We have got plenty of good stuff this week. Cool rigs, Cool tips and Cooler animation shots

  1. Starting with this gorgeous shot by Gunes Gocmen

“Fighting Girl” Personel Animation Work from Gunes Gocmen on Vimeo.


2. Insightful Blockout of Khri’s Observatory from Jedi Survivor by Simon @LD_Sandersen

3. Castlevania Nocturne Scenes by @Misozune

4. Top 3 Winners Agora Animation Challenge : “TALENT SHOW”

5. Free Blender rigs of Five Nights at Freeddys by Juan Guillermo Cruz [@jgcruz3d]


6.Top 10 Animation Reel Tips by Lucas Ridley

7. Helpful Maya Camera Rig by Raphael [@RaphaelCan1]

8. Ryan Rig for blender by @CaehLyn . It will come in handy for body mechanics shots

Ryan Free Blender Rig
Ryan Free Blender rig

Get the Ryan Rig Here


9. Zelda casting a cracking spell , exquisite #vfx work @Orichan0401

10. Cool #TMNT #MutantMayhem Early Character exploration Traversal Test by Alaa Eddin Afifeh, Senior Animator at Wetafx

TMNT_Test03 from Alaa Eddin Afifeh on Vimeo.

11. Appealing Spiderverse Spiderman Free Maya rig by Sahil Banik

Miles Spiderman Maya Rig
Miles Spider-Man Maya Rig
Miles Spiderverse Free Maya Rig
Miles Spiderverse Maya Rig

Get The Rig Here

12. Insightful Animation Tips : Why Your Animation Isn’t Meeting Feature Film Standards by Lupin House @house_lupin

  1.  The Subtlety of Acting
  2.  Overdoing the Basics
  3.  Skipping the ‘Polish’ Phase
  4. Unconsciously Ignoring The Physics
  5.  Ignoring the Details

Read More about these five in detail here

13. Tomorrow War Inspired Creature Rig by Syed Hassam on Flipped Normals Market place.
The film had the coolest intimidating creatures with jaw dropping locomotion animation.

This is your chance to show off your creature skills

The Tomorrow War Creature Rig
The Tomorrow War Creature Rig

Get The Maya Rig Here

That’s All Folks


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