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Animation Weekly

Animation related things you might have missed in past week

  1. Alan Martin’s animation reel for @PaleoPines
    It’s buzzing with full of life and appeal.

2. Crazy Zombie Walks by @watchmeanimate that encourage to study Overlap and lead- follow relationships


3. Wild and exciting demo launch trailer of Don’t Scream with unique game mechanics by @playDontScream



4. Maya Tool: FD Tracking Camera v.2 that makes Camera functions easier by Filippo Dattola[@_flys_]


5. Fun reference process of #AcrossTheSpiderverse for Spot shot by Nideep Varghese @Nideep_V


6. Unique and appealing personality walks from The Amazing Digital Circus by @glitch_prod
PS. Don’t forget to watch the intriguing pilot episode FREE on YouTube


7. Free 358 pages of Art Of Nimona were released by Netflix. Here’s the pdf compiled by generous Ariana Taller @RedHotHead


8. Exciting Trailer of Kaiju No 8


9. Sir Wade’s [@SirWadeFX] 3D Animation Community Challenge!!
Lots and lots of prizes to win. You get to start with 2 cool Maya rigs.


10. Adorable Free Rig of Lupin House [@house_lupin]



11. Another exquisite versatile Maya rig by @KielFiggins
Queen Arthur


That’s all folks!!! See you next week



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