The First Giant Step

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Hey guys , in last one and half-year ,I got so many questions regarding Career in Animation from you guys , through mails , sometimes on Facebook , sometimes on Orkut (now dead) , sometimes through call. (I hope , I had able to help somewhat to your ultimate quest of Animation )

Few days ago , I realized a pretty Strange thing ,a pattern!  There are some questions which were totally different from Each other but had the same Answer!!

Strange isn’t it ??

I will first discuss the Answer and then at the End all the Questions which has everything to do with this Answer! (Sounded really weird in my head)

I would like to start with following Quotes

” People are not Lazy , they simply have impotent goals – that’s it , Goals that don’t inspire them ”  – Tony Robbins


“If you don’t know WHY you do something , you shouldn’t do it ,

Life is too short to waste ” – Rick Warren




I learned from Coach Tony 2  years ago ,

We all have the story , and the awesome incredible Story that

“WHY we can’t have what we Want”

And we can give thousand reasons for it that Why it’s not going to happen , or

and  strong emotional reasons  like

I don’t have enough financial capital ,

The time has gone ,

My parents wont allow me ,

What people would think

I have family problems ,

I know, I can’t

I don’t want to hurt my parents after all they did everything for me

I don’t have functional family

I don’t have enough talent

I don’t have professional guidance ,

I  can’t afford best schools

I don’t have the resources

I don’t know what i want , I’m confused

I don’t have physical abilities

I’m not gifted

I have tried thousand times, it wont work , i know

I don’t have mentor

No one can understand my pain/ situation

and boy there are million  Emotional Reasons , I’m not saying they are  not true , They are , and definitely for You.

Still you must have known the examples of  People who had every possible reason to Give up , every possible reason to step down  but they didn’t ,

They had their Story too , why they can’t have what they want .

You know  what they did ,The first thing  They did is , they  got rid of that Story First.


if you have to do something , and you are not doing its , is because YOU DON’T WANT TO … may be it will sound bitter, unfair , but you know its True !! In past  I have been guilty too, i had my story !!

The story is our excuse, we want to make ourselves feel good , that because of our problems , we can’t have what we want.

I believe , we all on our Quest , now whats the Fun in eating cheese burger and meeting the Princess right away , and didn’t even get to kill the single Dragon !!!

You know after getting rid of that old story , what the awesome people did ,

They created a new story , with thousand Emotional reasons

That why they deserve to have what they want  more than anybody else on the galaxy!!!



One of the coolest thing my coach always tell is what Successful people do , failures don’t … !!!

Ultimately it only comes down to one final Question

“How badly you want it ???? “


That’s it …

So here is your chance , get rid of your story first that why you can’t have what you want ..

And the ultimate assignment


If you did this , believe me ,nothing can stop you for getting what you want that’s my PROMISE

First Get clear what you want Ultimately

Best character Animator

Best Storyboading artist

Your own Studio

Winning Oscar

Want to be in Pixar , Dreamworks , Blue Sky , ILM

and whatever it is ,

Think of  it like wish list ..

Close your eyes and see as if  you are there where you want to be , how does it feel ??

Quite awesome .. han??

Let me ask you a Question ..

WHY  do you want this ?? WHY do you want to be _____??

Why you want to be in Pixar ??

Why you deserve to be in Pixar, Dreamworks , …



Write down minimum 4 Pages ,front and back, THE EMOTIONAL REASONS ..


Believe me You do this assignment , you will achieve your dream that’s  for sure .. .

The reason behind this , if you dont have emotional reasons that why you want this ,

In difficult times , you will give up quite easily ..

All those people who finally meet their dream , who never ever gave up ..

They have emotional strength and million reasons why they wanted it so badly .. !!!

I know people , who knew all this WHY ?? thing  and still they did choose not be in Animation(Wherever they wanted to be),

Because they didnt had enough emotional reasons, they chose excuses over their dreams …

All the awesome people , Andreas Deja ,John Lasster , Ed Catmul , Steve Jobs, Shawn Kelly , Aaron Hartline and i could go on and on.

They had thousand emotional reasons  of why they want it ?? and they really worked outstandingly  for it , and they deserved it !!

I had tears , when first time I saw  “The Pixar Story” … or when i was Reading Disney Animation : Illusion of  Life.

They all are passionate people.

And good news is that we all have the ability to make that happen, we just have decide , decide Why we want this ???

If you had to meet someone incredibly special, you were like waiting for that god knows from how many years , even though there’s storm,

no vehicle , no possible way to go ,

you know, somehow you will definitely reach , without any excuse, despite of all the valid challenges  ..

Because you had so many emotional reasons to make that happen ..

This article is answer for following questions

1. My parents hate Animation , how could I convince them  to do career in Animation ?

(if you can have emotional reasons of 4 pages , you can convince even GOD too 😉 )

2. I’m confused , how should i know , I’m passionate about Animation??

3. Is it really difficult , I’m not sure I’m able to do this or not , please suggest?(its interesting and awesome )

4. Is there’s a lot competition in the Industry ??

5. I’m girl , do girls can do well in this profession ? I didn’t see many girl animators ? (There are awesome girl animators)

6. I can’t afford to go abroad and I don’t think , the animation education quality is good in here ? what should i do??

7.Which has most scope in Animation , Modelling , Animation , Vfx ? is there a lot of competition ? (the one you are passionate about  has most scope and who cares about competition )

There are more questions , but i guess you all got the point.

Please do yourself a favour and Write those 4 pages WHY you want ??


And I’m really happy to announce that , at the end of   Every month , we are going to launch a section Called ”

“Re-charge your Animation batteries”

Which will have links of  Inspirational articles , videos , podcast of awesome Animation Professionals and beliefs we must adopt ,and bunch of exciting stuff that will  inspire , motivate you … 🙂

Guys let me know , what do you think about this article

You all are special, you all are chosen, you all have your quest of dreams, don’t let anything stop you … !!

Thanks so much for  spending your Time capital ,  I hope you invested it … !  🙂

Tip – For Now, You Can Read The Entire Career in Animation Series Here for Free, We are soon Refining it into a Paid book!


  1. Awesome stuff here Mahesh! When I wrote Snowfeet I was in that state you descript above. But I fire my boss on 2nd of Jan and go for my dream. I embrace it so hard that it became real. You read my stuff right… that is the near final version of forcing the dream into reality.

  2. Great series..
    You made a good attempt..
    people who want to make an extraordinary career will get lots of fighting skills through this..
    n I’m sure that those who will go through this
    will never ever give up for their DREAMS..
    once again brilliant work..

  3. before this article i was also feeling the same same what you said.. all stupid answers,, but now m feeling so relax,, this is very inspiring article.. thank you so much for this.. and now no more excuses (y)

  4. Thank you for this article! wow the idea of making 4 pages of why you want somehting is very powerful, emotial backing is super important and will keep you afloat in hard times! 🙂

  5. What is the point of living an unexceptional life?

    Sorry to be rude but from the tone and content of your question it almost looks like you’re ready to kill yourself… You say all the things you want are unreachable…. But see you don’t want those things really, specially you just kind off want the…

  6. I feel like studying for a few days and off goes the motivation and I become lazy again. What should I do?

    I think unconsciously you think you don’t deserve the good results that would consistent studying will bring so you tend to sabotage it. Or sometimes people fear that pain of not getting good grades despite of studying hard would be immense so they ju…

  7. I m trying my best to stay motivated but still fail? What should I do? Suggest ways to work

    You need disciplined efforts so that you would stay upbeat and trigger motivation at will…demanding state of certainty rather than seeking motivation once in a while. And you need to actually show up to produce results, most people read or hear or wa…


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