New Spiderman Comics in India

Its really incredible to see Super cool Spidy in comic books in India.

Last month , I was blown away when I got my first EVER Spiderman comic  Marvel Adventures Spiderman.

The chapter was The sinister Six … Its when Doctor Octopus breaks out with other 5 deadly villains , to hunt Spidy and when Spidy have lost his powers .. Awesome ..

Half of the time Peter spends talking with him and his cool jokes ..  like while Saving kid from huge Robots , “ Hey kid , didn’t your mom told you to not to play with giant robots!!”

Anyway I come to the point ..

Its actually 8 months ago , Spiderman comic series has been launched in India. And 8 issues are already in market ..

And I’m really grateful to KIDS INDIA ANIMATION , for bringing Spidy in our life ..


It has Spiderman in it !!!

I don’t know about you , but it was first time in my entire life , I have Got Spiderman comics !!!

The quality of paper used is the best.  The cover of each comic is attractive.

And its price is just 30 Rs. (Sometimes 35 when we get 2 comics in one issue :))

You can fill out the form and get yearly subscription for just  420 Rs.

And also you can order any previous desired issues too


Just walk outside , go to your closest newspapers stand Spidy is waiting for you!  Say Hi from me ..

This months comic issue includes 2 comic stories for just 35 Rs. (Cost of  your one burger)

If you don’t get at closest newspaper stand , go to the biggest  newspaper and magazine shop.

Lets hope , Kids India Animation will bring Transformers , X men , Batman , Tintin , Ironman , Fantastic four and all our favorite comics .. J

For more info check out their web

Click here

I would have love to show you some snapshots of  comics , so that you cant wait  to buy the comics , they are awesome , I just don’t have my camera with me , but I will definitely upload in few days…

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  1. Nice article….though i would like to point out that Marvel and DC comics published spidy,batman,justice league,etc in India till a few years ago,and were available at about Rs.10 per issue…but were abruptly discontinued.Its a really good news that Spidy’s back again….Marvel and DC comics have my favorite comics since i was a kid and I’m sure of enjoying these new issues too….. 🙂

  2. thanks for the new info for comics lover..
    i guess we now need a new super hero’s..
    fully loaded with new sci-fi gadgets and all, rather than the super powers.. are there any like the IRON MAN!!

  3. cool! but spider man and all marvel, DC, and Cartoon Network comics were available by a distributor named gotham comics but they were all discontinued when they parternershiped with virgin comics which is now Fluid Friction Comics

  4. Hi Guys,

    Its really cool to see comments from guys like me who enjoy the bashathons of Supes, Bato, Spidey and JLA… keep the chats going guys…. Also, was trying to figure out if there is a marvel/dc fan club in India??

    If there is one, I would love to joing and swap my “best reads” suggestions.. do lemme know…

    Btw, try to get hold of “Batman: The killing joke” This has got to be one of the best Bato stories ever. Not only the narration, the artwork will also blow you away… later guys!!



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