Creating 1st Documentary

Hello Friends!

Last year, we (which includes 3 people) had created our 1st documentary. We had no idea about anything related to Documentary. Even, when Mahesh had raised subject of documentary, I was feeling something like DOKKyuMentRy (Why For?!). Then all of us agreed and all those things bla..blaa…blaaah.

We had some searches regarding ‘Making  Documentary’, on internet, got some ideas, some keypoints etc. We worked as per the plan we had created, on that material and finally reached to the output where all of us were satisfied with. (Which means completed that documentary!).

After completing that work, we had done a long list of tasks, that could be used as a flow process chart for making documentary, which was based on our experience of making one! The intention was to avoid the same mistakes and the unexpected problems (!).

Now, I am going to present you the same process flow chart.

One more thing- When we came up with this list, we were unknown from technical terms. Also, we had assumed some terms for some phenomena… x in equation. I am trying to correct the things from list, but no doubt it is not perfect (Technically it should not be!). That is why experience is important. More you do it, better answer you come up with!

My purpose to produce this Flow Process Chart is to give you some reference, so that at least you can avoid the mistakes or pitfalls we faced with!

You must be knowing this quote:

Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.  Some people only live, some people live and learn, Wise people learn from their own mistakes, Wiser people learn from other peoples’ mistakes.

Our Lives are not long enough to learn only from our own mistakes.

–  Unknown to me but must be wiser or better

Here you go for Flow Process Chart (rather I must say Algorithm!):

Creating 1st Documentary (This Article)

Making of Documentary-Part 1

Making of Documentary-Part 2

Making of Documentary-Part 3

Take Care of These Points

Thank You.


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