Finally this year after Annie , Golden Globe and BAFTA , Up wins 2 Academy Awards , The Best Animated Film and second for Best Original Score.
Pixar raising the standards of Animated movies like always , grabbing the Academy Awards every year 🙂

Up is the second Animated movie in History of  animated films after Disney’s Beauty and The Beast
to be get nominated under category of Academy awards for Best Feature Film  .

Like you, we all were so excited to see Up winning against  Avatar, Up in the air , District 9, The Hurt locker … and all .
The Hurt locker won most awards this time including , Best Feature Film .

The diversity of skills and craft was so awesome this year.

If we look at Animated movies , i was most impressed by Up and Coraline.

The reason for Coraline is that, it has set really different Milestone for Animated films. Animated movies are not always funny but they can be more serious. The colors , characters designs,background music has really great impact and  story concept is really awesome.  And it also says that Animated movie can be anything , anything that can entertain and hold you for two hours , it goes beyond some traditional way of Animated films, which is really appreciable. Before that i had same feeling for Wallace and Gromit !!

On the other hand there is UP, an awesome masterpiece!!!

Walt Disney always wanted to make movies for all. He wanted to tell that cartoons are not  just for sake of laughter , humor. They are more than that , they have deep emotions like us . They have true potential to touch the hearts of an audience.
And cartoons are not just for kids they are  for everybody , they are for all age groups. From little cute kids to older person , everyone can enjoy them.

Up is the ideal example for this.

Using really cool humor , Up touches the heart so deeply. We fell in love with everybody in movie.  🙂

The first 8 minute part of movie , The married life is so inspiring , even without words we feel all emotions. We feel the incredible love of  both Ellie and Carl.

How much she loves kids  and how much she want kids is shown in really cool way , when they are looking at sky.  The background score is really amazing.

And even though in complete movie Ellie is not there , we totally get attached to Ellie , its like we know her too, we can feel  the love of them.

Character arcs, needs ,wants are showed really skillfully.

The dynamic relationships of  Russell-Mr. Fredrickson – Dug – Kavin are the best !!

Every character has its emotional and most valuable relationship, even the Antagonist

Russell and his Dad,
Mr. Fredrickson and House
Kavin and her kids
Dug -Mr. Fredrickson

This time Pixar made really different movie , they gone through the humor and told really emotional story and specially which can appeal to anybody from kids to senior citizen.

Its for all age group audience. Pixar have set a New milestone for Animated Movies after creating masterpiece like Up.

It would have been really awesome if Up have won the Best Feature Film , still there are more stories to come from Magic Bag of Legendary Pixar .. 🙂

I’m really excited for Toy story 3 .. 🙂

We can say that it’s just the starting in Animation films , in upcoming years An Animated movie definitely win the honor of being best in Best Feature Film along with Live action movies 🙂

For list of  winners of this years Oscar click here

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    • Hey Shailesh,

      If You see this way , you might feel different ,
      We love animation so we think everybody loves animation but its not true ..

      have you seen any Adult like 50 years old buying ticket for him and his wife , or 70 year grandpa buying ticket for him and his friend who is also 70 or 72 year old ,and all those are not buying tickets for their kids or grand children but for themselves .. ?

      For Up those(the audience of age more than 30 ) not also bought the tickets , but loved it so much, Up is gentle beautiful story , which touches emotions so deeply , they enjoyed it same as kids ..

      There is really awesome thing about Pixar , You must have seen Finding Nemo , the parents enjoyed it so much , i mean yeah kids loved it too .. But in theaters Parents hug their children and had tears in their eyes ..

      Its my dad’s most favorite movie .. though he dont watch animated movies much ..

      This time for Up the audience is of all ages,
      Can you imagine , all ages !!!!! (its every film makers dream)

      While making movies the Audience domain is always decided , for some special shows , they see the response on particular age domain . They organize show only for particular age before actual release

      And you know we need Animated movies to show those all who have perception that the Animated films are for just kids ,and change that perception!

      I guess the percentage of people who think animation is for Kids is way more than those who love..

      Look at India .. i had 90% class(in engineering) who think animated movies are only for kids

      People are not ready India, there is hardly an attempt to make movies beyond our culture and Gods.

      Up have produced Ground Breaking Result anyone can imagine .. it has shown that its not just for kids, its for all !!
      This was Walt Disney’s Vision.

      Pete got letter from old widow , saying she missed her partner so much , thank you so much for such amazing experience..
      I mean how often does that happen for Animated films.

      I have read Disney Animation Illusion of life (i have to read again and again if possible 1000 times ), because of that or what i dont know but i felt incredible while watching movie , its like Walt Disney and all those old guys of Disney are clapping and saying… Yeah this is it , this is why we were working to make this happen , to make all kind of audience to feel the deep emotions and joy , through An animated film!!

      That’s why Up was nominated for the Best Feature in Oscar .

      On the other hand , Coraline is truly unconventional , really awesome and also it can have limited age group as audience.
      (i was scared for some scenes..)

      And i loved it so much , and i think its a must watch movie for Any Indian film maker who want to make Animated movies so that they can see beyond
      Our culture, GODS, regions,religions, typical love and war , conventional thinking..

      And you know most amazing thing ,
      all in Pixar dont decide any age group or what ,
      they say we make movies for ourselves , we make what we will love to see on screen . We never remember that we had such discussion where somebody is saying , “oh no no , lets just keep this aside its too adult or its only for kids”

      Coraline , Avatar , and Up are saying the same thing to all film makers ,

      Oops i just realized that , my comment has become bigger than my article .. 😛

  1. its okay mahesh even ur comment more inspiring
    i really like ur articles ths is d perfect place for me to learning n reading
    can u write article about indian animation industry and environment
    whats going on currently whats weakness
    whats future
    bcz i really wanna write for indian animation only if i write some new concept/idea or script with new/original concept they’ll accept or indian audience ready for it ?
    bcz still many mythological film n tv series running or coming soon for eg chhota bheem, little krishna, adventure of bal hanuman n more
    n what u think abt other up coming movie like kuchhie kuchhie hota hai n delhi safari
    plz write some article abt Indian animation bcz i wanna knw wts current status

    • Sorry for the late reply ..

      Hey Thanks so much Ankit ..

      And about indian Animation , There are really few places we get some news .. Animation Express and CG tantra are two good places i know , and i dont have much info ..And i never liked the idea of GODs to make movie , we must explore new worlds , I thought to myself there must some reason , and when i thought a lot i realised that i was wrong .. I think all the inteligent guys know that too , but they are more smarter than we can think .. They know in India , there is not huge audience for Animation ,infact people think its for kids , so they are trying to create platform and that’s why they are starting with GOD’s projects ,or using Big Stars from movie industry when proper audience base will be build , then everything will be awesome again ..

      and about your writing thing , you will definitely find help at Cg tantra , just one email id will be enough .. People in Animation industry are really helpful and encouraging they want to help new generation to direct, coach and help them to grow ..I’m damn sure you will definitely get help! Keep reading Animation Express they have always great news about animation industry ..

      Meanwhile i will definitely try to find some good information about Indian Animation Industry.. 🙂

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