Little Freak Animated Short Film 2013


This animated short film Little Freak reminds me of animated film Igor.

Little Freak conveys lot within 2mins where most films fail to that in 2 hours.

I specially enjoyed the compositions and lighting.

And the cuts are immensely flawless and fluid , its a beautiful example of cinematographic excellence.

Little Freak is an animated short film of Edwin Schaap

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Edwin also has wrote a little ebook on how to create characters that will move the audience?

The name of this thesis by Edwin is
How to move to move? us

And it’s free to download


Little Freak LogLine

A young deformed boy lives as a side-show freak. When his father asks him to make a birthday-wish he starts to imagine…

It’s a metaphor for the expectation some parents have with their children, without seeing that they have other ambitions and their own dreams.


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