Making of Documentary

Now, we have passed through 2 phases. Here comes the longest phase of documentary. (Stop Reading, Get some coffee with you, trust me, cold drink will not work that good!). This phase,  actually tests our patience and capacity to rework.

Here we go….

1.   Keep back up of all content. Not only at start but also, in between, after doing considerable work with details of state. i.e. what that backup contains. Also, some conventions must be initially declared which helps to work in team.

2.   Observe each and every shot carefully with your team members. Note down the details in every shot. Each shot details must contain length and quality of shot, imporatance of shot content, camera shakes, acceptability of shot, relation to main theme etc.

3.   Discard the shots having very poor scores. But be open to use the small parts of shot if necessary.

4.   Take away all the selected shots to the next process.

5.   Arrange them in order by which the documentary will precede.

6.   Divide them in number of sequences. Don’t make too many or too less sequences. Generally, all the sequences have same length. Again, this is also a generalization. Not hard and fast rule.

7.   Take an overview of documentary by playing the sequences in order. This will help to change the flow of documentary by changing the postion of shots.

8.   Now, take Sequence 1, Shot 1.

Cut down the part of shot which is not needed and finally get polished shot. Repeat the same for all the shots. This will give ready Sequence 1.

9.   Follow the same for all the sequences.

10.  Again play the documentary sequences and spot the shots those will need some effects like fast forward, blackout etc.
11.  Again give effect to all those shots from all sequences.
12.  Now, virtually documentary video is ready.
13.  Join all the shots in each sequence.Joining may need effects keep your eye on it.
14.  Right now, we have number of clips equal to the number of sequences. Join them
Here is complete documentary video.
15.  Write a script according to video content and length of total video. Script must be in parts. Finalize the script.
16.  Dub the script according in parts.
17.  When total script is dubbed, adjust the voice according to video position. i.e. insert silence. Video must have relation with voice.
18.  After doing this voice track is complete.
19.  Select background music. Adjust its length with video by reuse of track or try multiple tracks.
20.  At this position we must have 3 things. Video, Voice track and Background track.
Background music track must have sound level of 50% to 60% as that of voice track. But both must have same length.
Video must be silent and its length must be slightly longer than voice or background track.(few seconds long).
21.  Now, make complete welcome video and end video with sound. Join them to main documentary without hurting the middle main content. This can also be done in initial phases by considering welcome video as sequence 0 and end video as sequence last.

That’s All!
Documentary is Ready! (Serve that with jam!).

Thank You.


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