The Return of The Monster is the best example of how to explore the best possible outcomes out of a generic trope. Through a repetition, storyteller makes this experience that’s somewhat between bizarre and hilarious. The scream of the monster becomes a beat that repeats and it gets stuck in you head. In a sort of meta way, the film continues even after it’s ever. The endless return of The Monster!

The storyteller never resolves a conflict; initially I thought may be in the end it will turn out it’s the dream of the monster. (But there’s already hilarious scene where monster wakes up to the kids scream)Since the conflict is not resolved, the repetition makes it actually endless. It has no beginning and no end. (The eternal return of The monster)

The each sequence of return is wild and beautifully crafted. If you are animation student like me, this is the best example of how to explore the possibilities of same shot. It’s a great learning experience if we ask ourselves what if I had to come up with 6 possibilities of one shot (story beat) and all 6 of those shots are going to be as unique as possible?

I hope you enjoy this crazy animated short film.

Mahesh Pagar

PS. The Article was originally written for in 2017


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