Disney's Nine Old Men

Last time you read Disney Animation Illusion of life or The Pixar Story – To Infinity and Beyond or may be you went through Clay Kaytis‘s coolest animation podcast and felt like

“..man I really need to know more about these animation stories, these great animation legends.

It inspires me, it creates this magical feeling inside to learn new skills, to dream more, to set myself a new standard, it gives me hope when I burnt out, it gives me strength to believe in myself, I really need something like this ..”

Well guess what, here’s one of the most influential and inspiring project I came across recently.

It has been created by passionate Grayson Ponti, who is high school student. from Central Florida and believe me I have no words about how to thank him.

I mean it’s just overwhelming and beautiful project.

50 Most Influential Disney Animators in Disney Studio History


Disney’s Nine Old Men

Grayson goes through lot of back stories of each animation legend, he goes in depth how were they unique, why they were so special and what kind of up and downs they went through. He even makes sure to include memorable scenes of each animator.

This entire collection have became a great inspiration resource that helps you understand so much about these great guys.

Visit Grayson’s blog and just feed on it like hungry animator 🙂 and don’t forget to say thanks to Grayson Ponti for his incredible work.

Here’s the link : 50 Most Influential Disney Animators in Disney Studio History

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