I think as an character animation students we all love to watch, hear or read about the behind the scenes of animated movies. We always starve for getting to know what was the thinking process while creating great scenes. How they were being approached? What was the challenging part of it? Who worked on it? How they managed to achieve certain look? What was the initial intentions?
What was the most important behind the scenes? What were the major outcomes? Why they turned out to be spectacular? emotional ?

After creating incredible project of 50 Most influential Animators in Disney Studio History, Grayson Ponti went on to create yet another impressive project.

50 Greatest Scenes in Disney Animation History

Grayson have carefully picked out his personal great scenes from Disney films and he analyses them brilliantly. It’s like unofficial commentary on those scenes. He explains the real backstories behind those scenes. Who worked on them and what was actually great about certain scene.

The scene analysis is really impressive, Grayson tries to get more and more tiny details about those scenes.

These articles are really resourceful and real good treat for your animation appetite.

Here’s the link to the awesome project, his scenes count is still going on

50 Greatest Scenes in Disney Animation History

Also if you want to watch more Behind the scenes, you can check out my playlist Making Of on My YouTube Channel

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