Hey guys , this is going to be awesome inspiring month for all of us and here is why




CG Swot is holding a series of CG Masters Free Webinars , where industry professionals will be interviewed and in these live , in-depth interviews , we all will get chance to ask questions directly to these professionals in interactive Q+A session .. 🙂

This series includes live interviews with following professionals

1. 7th May 2010 – DJ Nicke

DJ Nicke is a former Disney Animator, and is now the leading Instructor for Animation Salvation, able to not only teach, but inspire.

2.  13th May 2010 – Topher Welsh

Topher Welsh is one of the most renowned Commentators and Bloggers of the CG arena. His articles and blogs are read by millions of VFX and CG operators from countries all over the globe…

3. 14th May 2010 – Creator of Animation Salvation

Live webinar interview with creator of the Animation Salvation’s online community AnimationSalvation.com has set out to bring traditional animation studio training to every animator everywhere!

4. 20th May 2010 – Allan McKay

Allan McKay is an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Director, originating from the Gold Coast of Australia, now living and working in California in the United States.

5. 21st May 2010 – Dave Scotland

Dave Scotland has over 12 years of CG production knowledge and experience, working for some of the biggest clients in the entertainment industry including, Disney, Warner Bros. and Plastic Wax, just to name a few.

6.  27th May 2010 – Floriano Gerardi

Floriano Gerardi is a veteran Concept, Character and Storyboard artist

Don’t miss out this Free, Live, In-depth interview series with industry professionals and Remember that  there are limited seats available and only live attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions in a live, interactive Q+A session…

So hurry .. clock is ticking ..

Click here for all the details and registration for each webinar  …

AND DON’T FORGET TO SAY THANKS TO GUYS of  CG Swot for holding such outstanding series of free webinars … 🙂

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