The Drawing Tutorial

Welcome folks with another great tutorial with me Mitali P. Just to let you know that  I’d be joining the Bramhaa team from today to share some things that I have learned on my way with you…  I am a student of character animation and sometimes I draw as a personal hobby.

It has been a long and tedious way till here, but let me tell you this… every result is worth it, so pack your backpacks and join me on the adventures we’re gonna have!

… Now,   Did you ever have this idea/character roaming in your head for too long, how you wish you could only draw it to life? but only if you had this secret ingredient to make it…
I searched far and wide for this secret ingredient until I saw Kung fu Panda.. [there is no secret ingredient to it]  it’s just practice and perseverance!

So long Miss talk it…. where to start? ?

#1 Passion…
”B- But I thought….”      I can almost see your faces in amazement.. Yupp! neglected and left aside… a fuel that’s gonna light your fire when you’re down.. you have to burn for it, you have to crave for it!  you can’t sleep without it!

#2 Exposure…
Read, see, observe.. what’s worth taking.. what’s around you.. what’s in you. Watching blogs and sites such as deviant can really start you up and start with a strong basic foundation of what you wanna do, you have to know where you want to reach up to…

Tip: make folders.. like guns, girls, armor, villain etc for references
Tip: make an deviant art account.

#3 Practice and dedication…
So you’re ready, eh?  Are you? Then be ready to take hundreds and thousands of critiques and be able to carry on… be there to practice.. nothing comes easy especially art, be ready to be criticized till the point that you crave for critics… so you thought criticism was a bad word, eh?
But there are certain myths that I’d like to bust before I move on..

You can draw if it’s in your genetics… duhh
Many a times I hear people saying, ” Oh she can draw well , you see her father and grandfather’s an artist…”  I have never heard such a thing being an obstacle for anyone, sometimes being able to see someone draw can be helpful but it’s almost helpful as watching a fire miles away and getting warmth from it.. remember Birbal kids?

It’s too hard
Yeah, it’s not hard but little by little, everyday you will do it.. don’t let go.. if I post some of my earlier works.. you’ll all gather round and laugh at me! [so I’ll not post it]

You see, I’m not creative kind of person…
Do you remember scribbling away happily when you were a kid.. but something happened.. at some point your logical brain said.. it doesn’t look like I want it to be… I won’t draw anymore!! yeah that’s what happened…Grab the pencil/eraser, bring back the child within you and start with us!

The numero Uno!
Scribble your way to top!

Start with some paper and pencil sit in a comfortable position and get ready to scribble!!

Scribbling is something like doodling.. but with more concentration and defined shapes.

All you have to do is free your hand on paper and get used to the pencil..most of the times my hands and wrists would hurt , so I think this strengthens the hands, wrists and fingers as well draw anything.. shapes, sizes, and curves and straight lines, of course!

Avoid doing this..

Avoid scratching…

Avoid anything that is not rhythmic… I know this is obvious but many of them do it..

Your pad should look something like this..
circles, curves, lines, rhythm, ovals..and curls

something like this.. but you can add your shapes as you like…
Not only you enjoy this… it’s a good exercise

This is more like a warm up before an exercise, and it will get better.. try to get those circles as circly as possible… exact and of same shape.. these dudes are gonna do magic for us later..

As I know.. this exercise is to be continued till the end of your life if you’re an animator..don’t get disappointed, just imagine your idol such as Jackie Chan or Rocky Balboa training, this is your training…

Remember to warm up before every drawing that you make… it will improve your quality and confidence in drawing strokes …

Now try varying the stroke pressures as you move on…
something like this:

Try to get control over your strokes and imagine the stroke on paper before drawing

try with lines.. try with curves..

Tip : try not to get carried away with other thoughts and let your circle become misshapen lumps or whatever!

Oh you like it, don’t you!

That’s it for today, the most basic but a magic ingredient for a strong foundation in drawing!
Hope to see you scribbling, guys!

Please feel free to add any comments and critiques.. this is a way of showing that it has helped you in some way…

You can check Mitali’s Blog and her works here




    • Hi Mitali ,

      Really awesome article ..

      Your article reminds me a quote , i guess; its by Chuck Jones (anyone correct me in case its the wrong name )

      “There are millions of bad drawings inside of you , the sooner you will get them out , better… ”

      I loved the Myths and the Warm up exercises are really cool .. I’m really excited to learn more from you in upcoming articles …

      Thanks so much for such awesome tutorial .. 🙂

  1. Nice article..
    specially about the myths, u reveal the truth. Every 1 who is passionate, face these myths internally somewhere along the journey. Sometimes these are the fears most of us have but passion, exposure, Practice and dedication are the answers for all those. And that simple drawings will inspire those beginners who are searching for ‘Where to Start?’..

  2. really thanks for your comments guys..

    @sank3t yeah.. from what you say I think you are an artist too and have faced the same problems like us

    mahesh, thanks for your generous support and comments.. it is because of you guys that I could write and help so many people.. I was not sure how to do it… thanks again!

  3. The part of article I like most is this……

    Your page should not look like this and

    It must be something like this……its great to see such specific directions….
    Best of Luck!


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