In my last News article I talked about Super cool Clay’s podcast “Animation Podcast” (www.animationpodcast.com)

And now

There’s a new podcast on the web that is “Speaking of Animation”, created by 4 Dreamworks animators!

1. Ben Willis

2. Adam Strick

3. Jacob Gardner

4. Stephen Melagrano

Their first Podcast is with Ted Ty!

Ted has a awesome experience of animating in both Classical Animation and CG.

He’s worked on following films: Pocahontas, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and is currently working on Shrek Forever After.

This interview is really inspiring, he talks about his passion, his decision to make career in Animation , his transition from classical animation to CG , and

the most important belief I’ve got is “Give them what they want but not in the way they expect” and there is so much great stuff he talks about , and don’t forget to say thanks to these guys for such amazing podcast , I heard this podcast again and again.. 🙂

And another awesome thing is they are interviewing Ted again , and you guys can ask the question you want , so guys hurry, before it gets too late ..:)

So visit here

“Speaking of Animation”,

Here is the link for the Ted Ty interview page : click here


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