Kenny Roy

If you are character animation student then you must have known the importance of having an efficient workflow.  Specially if you want to improve your animation speed and get beautiful performance out of your characters, a really good workflow helps a lot. Also it gives enough certainty while approaching different shots.  The thing about animation workflows is there’s no one right or wrong workflow eventually you figure out a way for that works for you.

A while ago, Animation Insiders came with this incredible project where professional animators share their workflow methods. And here is great chance to get video demonstration of awesome coach,  amazing animator Kenny Roy‘s workflow.

Kenny gives list of the things initially and then blocks out 3D Sack animation, even though it’s blocking the result is beautiful and appealing. You will learn tons of great stuff in this free lesson that you will be using right way.

And don’t forget to say thanks to Kenny for this incredible thanksgiving gift.

Also check out, the monthly subscription that Kenny Roy provides on his web, it has some really good modules that will help you to improve your work radically.

For more details click here

Click on image to get your free 1 hr animation workflow lecture 🙂


Kenny Roy




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