Willie Downs with Pixar animator Aaron Hartline

Whenever I feel little insecure, uncertain, I found myself struggling , I just close my eyes and I imagine what my animation Gods will advice. What they would tell me? How they will inspire? I keep bringing their faces, their works, their quotes in front of my eyes and I just fill my entire heart with those beautiful virtual memories till I feel grateful, blessed and secure.

To make this virtual conversations and memories.. real, a passionate guy stepped up. Willie Downs!

Like Grayson Ponti, Willie Downs is passionate animation aspirant who is currently studying at Animation Mentor. He came up with this brilliant idea of The Animator Letters Project.

Willie Downs with Pixar animator Aaron Hartline

He basically collected personal letters of professional animators from little studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar (I mean you got the point).

These letters are phenomenal and incredibly inspiring if you are an artist these are a great source of inspiration. These letters have deep personal touch that touches your struggling artist heart and gives the strength to not give up.

If you are just starting out and little skeptical about choosing the career in animation or any kind of art form, these letters will help you immensely.

Just keep these letters under your pillow and read whenever you will need superboost for you artist mind,heart and soul.

Here’s the link to magical letters : TheAnimatorLettersProject

Don’t forget to say thanks to Willie For his incredible work. He is creating this legendary resource, which is going to live forever inspiring generations..

If you are professional Animator please contribute a letter to Willie’s Project

“..If you are really thankful,what do you do?

You share..” – W.Clement Stone

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