Comfort zone

“Most successful people consistently push their comfort zone”, we hear this all the time. I’m here to tell you, it’s not entirely true!

First of all, if you spend most of your time fighting your comfort zone, constantly spending your efforts, resources outside of your comfort zone;  you will be exhausted and consistently be in frustration. It might even push you into believing “You suck”!!

And if you are in a Creative Business, the constant frustration will bring down all of your creative juices, the enthusiasm and willingness to even try!

Think about it, right now, all of your strengths, skills, your solid efficient workflow, your favorite working software all the things that you use to create your work resides in your Comfort Zone!!

Your Comfort Zone is paying your bills! If your life was an RPG game then that’s your Warrior Level.

They say all the things you desire are just outside your comfort zone, well they don’t tell you that there’s gradual progression that must* be followed before you go from one Warrior Level to another Warrior Level!

Comfort zone

Remember one of those days where you realized that you took on too much stuff, probably twice as much work that you usually do, what happens?

Most of the work that you produced lacks quality that you usually provide, even if many people won’t notice it but the people who admire your work will always know that it doesn’t have the usual magic!

Your current successful business model that is producing good results is your comfort zone. You see this all the time, someone tries to radically expand their comfort zone and whole thing collapses soon! Why?

You probably even know some examples from your industry too. Sometimes it works but most of the times it doesn’t, why is that?

They weren’t totally familiar with their Comfort Zone(Warrior Level) as they should have, sometimes people see working model and they want to mathematically double every resource and hope to double profits, it doesn’t work in a creative business! It never does!

Does that mean we should stick to our guns and never expand our Comfort Zone?

Of course Not!! Who wants to be level one Warrior forever when there are thousand more Warrior levels to explore?

But first we should stop hating our comfort zone, we should stop calling it comfort zone altogether, you have to work hard in your comfort zone too! It’s not like we have access to magical elves that do our work in comfort zone.

That’s your Warrior Level!

There are three things we need to understand before we extend our Warrior Level/Comfort Zone, we will see those in next article!


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